Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Cool pumpkins from our fall festival at church made by the lovely and talented Mrs. Summer and her partner in crime, Mrs. Jenny. Awesome job! Why can't I be this creative?


Summer Mims said...

Charlotte, I have come to realize that even though 4 kids can really make you stressed it also keeps you relaxed in a sense because you are forced to let the things that don't REALLY matter go and look how much entertainment you get from them! Laughter has and always will be the best medicine! I especially love the one about Jesus being naked in church! Priceless!!! Love ya, Summer

The Mother Bear said...

I think that you have hit the nail right on the head. You absolutely have to let a bunch of "stuff" go when you have so many little people running around. You're out numbered and they sense the advantage. lol Seriously, my life cracks me up and there's nothing to do but laugh sometimes or you'll go insane.

Like I came home to find the Four Faces of Carlos pumpkin had been drawn with that Sharpie on my DINING ROOM TABLE. It left little marks where they turned it before it was dry and kept drawing...ugh. But since I can't throw the kids out and screaming doesn't make Sharpie marks on my table magically disappear, I guess we'll just watch and see how long it takes for Sharpie to wear off of wood. Ha!!! Love you too! ~Charlottee