Thursday, November 1, 2007

Busy is as Busy Does

Lily was so tired after service last night that she fell asleep on the sofa still wearing a purple princess helmet and sunglasses. I have no idea what that was about, but she was stylin'.

I'd say that we survived another Halloween completely intact, but my house would disagree. It is suffering the consequences of the Fall Festival and Halloween. The place looks like a tornado went through sometime on Friday, and I've not moved a thing back into place yet. I should probably feel bad about that, but I've discovered if you don't look directly AT the mess it isn't nearly as hard to ignore it. :-)

The kids are exhausted too (as evidenced by that lovely photo above). Last night at the church trunk or treat thing they didn't even notice as they filled their bags up with candy, I was on a stealth mission getting the candy out on the sly. Every time one of the kids turned away or lost focus, I shoved fistfuls of candy out of their bags back into the bowl it just came from, shaking my head and hissing "shhhh" at the puzzled candy givers who had just that second put less candy into the bag than I was giving back. (Don't fuss--I can see you are all kicking yourselves for not thinking of that trick.)

I want to lose another 10-20 lbs before we go on the next big Johnson Family Vacation Adventure (which I'm sure will require it's own blog and is a surprise for the kids, so I can't tell you anything about it yet). That can't and won't happen with four bags of Halloween candy in the house. I have the complete inability to walk past chocolate candy without mindlessly cramming it in my mouth, so no dice. Sorry kids. Better luck next year.

We need to get used to the mess for another week, because it's not getting any better anytime soon. From Halloween until the middle of January everything will pass by in a blur of activity.

Today I'm working. Tomorrow I'm working until 11:00, then a girlfriend and I are going to Pilgrimage at Mecca (otherwise known as Shopping at the Christmas Village). It's a huge arts and crafts event at the civic center, and you know I'm loving that. I'm like a Christmas shopping maniac. Besides, if I don't go then I won't be able to buy all of those dip mixes I prepare and take to holiday parties, and that would be a problem since I don't cook anything more complicated than hot dogs during the time span from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Who has time for cooking when there are four Christmas parties a week to attend? Oh, but maybe I'm not off the hook since I read all of those "Cook-One-Day-A-Month" cookbooks and on my new life plan now I'm responsible for the data I ingest. (Like no more just reading cookbooks, I actually have to use a recipe out of it. No more buying and skimming craft catalogues, I actually have to make something with the kids.) Ugh. How stupid am I? (Note to self: no more informational books allowed in the house.)

Then, later Friday evening I'm meeting another group of girlfriends and going to a scrapbooking crop from 6:00 until midnight. Keep in mind that I leave my house at 5:30 in the morning. Perhaps this day wasn't thought out very well...hmmm. I will tuck my kids in the bed on Thursday night and see them again on Saturday morning. Change of mind here--I'm brilliant.

On Saturday we have registration for basketball at 10:00 and a wedding at 2:00. Sunday we have church twice and a children's musical production that night. Monday is a field trip with the Kindergarten at school. So that means that I'll blog again sometime at the beginning of December probably. ;-) It also means that I'll be able to clean my house sometime around the end of next week provided nothing comes up between now and then. (Stop laughing. It's rude.)

I told you that Full Calendar thing was a disease...but I'm out of housework for awhile, so who's the smarty now? Ha-ha!

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