Saturday, October 30, 2010

Running To and Fro

I am one busy white woman. I run to and fro constantly. It's a good thing, because I'd probably go crazy from boredom if I didn't have a whole bunch of stuff going on all at the same time. I should have probably reflected on that a little bit longer before having four Shorties. I mean, they all have to go for check ups, sick visits, dentist, orthodontist, gymnastics, basketball, clothing shopping, hair appointments, etc. They all have this funny idea that they have priority. Humph. See Charlotte run. Run, Charlotte, run.

But I'd like to try a different kind of running.

Since I believe strongly in accountability as a motivator, I'm committing right now that I'm going to try to actually run somewhere. I've been closely watching my friend's progress on the Couch to 10k program. While I've been doing the Walk Away the Pounds program religiously three times a week for months now (and I'm up to the 3-mile tape with my group!), I still can't get this idea of running out of my mind. I want to run somewhere!

So, I'm starting next week training for a 5K (because I'm not as excited or committed as my friend to do a 10K). She has challenged us all to run/walk in this 5K for the Ronald McDonald House that's coming up in January. I have a soft spot for this ministry since they let me crash there when the kids were all in the hospital for rotovirus while we were on "vacation" in Gatlinburg.

I've put it on my calendar, and I'm actually going to try it (provided I have no more surgeries between now and Go Time). I start walking/running the first time on Tuesday. That should be some fun to watch. I have no illusions about how I actually LOOK running, just that I'm wholly committed to this brand new me and I'm going to go for it no matter how I look doing it. Hey, I like a good laugh as much as the next person. So, on Monday and Thursday it's me and Leslie in the gym and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday it's me running around the in the Family Life Center. Feel free to join me.