Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to Get a Memaw to Bake for You

An oldie, but a goodie...

Leamon Cake, or How to Get a Memaw to Bake for You

There's a lady named Ms. Betty at church who brought us a lemon cake with this wonderful lemon drizzle icing on it the second day we were in the new house. We scarfed it down standing at the counter while it was still warm. (Seven people + one warm cake = empty cake plate in 2 minutes flat).

So, the next Sunday, one of the 7-yr-old twins beelines this woman and tells her that it was the best cake ever and asks her to make another one. (I scolded my daughter, but secretly gave myself a high-five waiting on that cake--nothing motivates a Memaw-aged woman into baking like a seven-year-old bragging on her cake.)

One week later, in walks the next cake at around 9:00 in the morning. I am so excited because I'm having company and maybe I can pass it off as my own. (Did I just say that out loud?)

About 4:00 in the afternoon before the guests arrive, I walk by the cake plate and notice that it looks weird through the cover. I lift off the top and there sits the bottom inch of a lemon bundt cake. Some little "mice" had literally taken the top off in kid-sized fistfuls. The whole top. Gone. Down to the bottom.

I called the four monkeys onto the carpet and discovered that four babies weren't responsible for the scarfing of the lemon cake, but only one--ate that cake all by her lonesome in about five hours. (See what I tell her next time she tells me she can’t clean her plate!) So, I washed the cake plate and had HER write the thank you note. I told her that since she was the only one who ate any of it, she could thank the woman for it.

This is the exact content with spelling errors of the thank you note she wrote and delivered:

Thank you Ms. Betty for the delishious leamon cake. It was wonderful. I ate that whole cake by myself. It was just too good that I couldn't stop sneaking tastes until it was gone. And it didn't give me the tummy ache. Can you make me another one sometime? I really like that leamon cake. Its the best cake we got from church. Thank you. Love, Elise.

How funny is that? I think we'll be having Leamon Cake again very soon. :-) HA-HA! And little brother announced that this time he was sneaking bites first before someone else could eat it all gone. They crack me up!

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