Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blurry Around the Edges

Okay, so my very full life has been reeling out of control for awhile now. Just too much of this and that and the other. I'm going to make some effort to get myself back into the blogosphere and get caught up. Have soooo many things to post here! Piano recitals, birthday parties, Disney trip...I'm going to get with it this weekend (thank God for the laptop where I can recline in the bed like a total bum while typing, eh?).

I've been a reading maniac too. That'll cut into your free time. Enjoyable, but like going into a vacuum where dishes don't get done and laundry doesn't get moved around. :-) Ahhh...domestic bliss. (Go figure I can't get my head out of a novel.) This working full time, kids, husband, church, sports, etc., is kicking my rear. I guess I'm getting old. Ugh.

So, if you're missing new updates, never fear, Super Charlotte is getting it back in gear.

Onward and upward...