Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Mississippi Queen

Yes, I know she's sideways, but I inadvertantly filmed her that way and don't have the softwear to spin her around. It's still funny sideways.

Mississippi is Coming!

Today has been a quiet, rainy day around here. We are anticipating a visit from the Mississippi cousins for the weekend. They are arriving tonight late, late, late (or early, early, early depending on your time zone) and staying through Tuesday. I think we are doing church together tomorrow. Monday, The Husband is hauling them to McWane (if you are in the B'ham area, you should definitely go there just to see this amazing thing we have access to).

Last year my kids went to stay with the Mississippi Cousins for the week, while The Husband and I were at the SBC, (this is where they learned the Apple Bottom Jeans Song aka Lo). While there, Lily thought that Sandra's actual name was in fact "Mississippi". When we announced late this week that Sandra and James and their two not-so-small-anymore children were coming for a visit, she jumped up and down and yelled, "Yea! Mississippi is coming! Mississippi is coming!"

As much as I love all of the good people in the state of Mississippi, I sincerely hope that only James, Sandra, Jimmy, and Emily show up in the driveway at 1:00 a.m. and not the entirety of Mississippi. I'm not sure I can host that many at one time (but I'd give it the ole college try).

And if that's not enough company for you, the in-laws are coming on Sunday to see the relatives, so, I'm cooking for a small army tomorrow. Culinary Goddess that I am, that'll be fun. Let's pray now that I don't poison anyone.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

Another Wii tale...

Lily has decide to populate the Wii World with Lillians. There's 'Regular Lily' who vaguely resembles the 'Actual Lily' with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Then there's 'Brown Lily' or 'What Lily Would Look Like as an African American'. And there's 'Big Lily' where she's made herself the tallest and fattest Wii player on the board. Let's not forget 'Asian Lily' wearing large sunglasses. And not to be outdone, there's 'Gay Man Lily' featuring Lily as a dude complete with lipstick and a beard, wearing a pink shirt. In fact, making Lillies is by far her favorite game on the Wii.

And her latest trick, if you peeve her off, she deletes you on the Wii.

That's my girl.

Well, We All Just Wanna be Big Rockstars

So, we have the Wii Rockband hook up and the kids have been rocking out to all of these fabulous Big 80’s Hair Band Songs. It’s like a surreal rock concert in my living room that occurs every night where I watch the Shorties murder some of my favorite songs.

A microphone, drum kit, and guitar came with the kit--if you're doing the math, that's one baby short of instruments. Now, the older three obviously want those toys, so they’ve convinced the baby that singing into a plastic ear of corn is exactly the same thing as using the microphone. So, Lily has developed a traveling rock star persona that she carries anywhere the plastic corn goes.

She flings that singing arm up high in the air and rocks back and forth in a dead on Axel Rose impersonation singing Mississippi Queen at the top of her little lungs. It’s something to see alrighty. You just haven’t lived until you see the Shortie Band throw down to Should I Stay or Should I Go? By the Clash. And you start evaluating some of those lyrics coming out of your 5-yr-old's mouth too.

Mississippi know what I mean.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

So, it's snowed in Alabama about three times in my entire lifetime and now it's snowed twice in two years. Must be all of that global warming they keep talking about. :-) And it's memorable because today is my birthday! Yea for me!

The Husband has been harassing me for several weeks about what to get me for the big occasion of turning 39, and all I could come up with was, "How about a day in bed?" He was REALLY enthusiastic about that suggestion until he realized that meant that I wanted him to take the kids away so that I could spend the day sleeping, reading, watching movies on Lifetime, and eating chocolate. I'm not sure that's what he had in mind exactly. :-)

We are tearing it up this morning in the yard with our favorite Bonus Child in tow. (Hannah--hint, she's the blond one). We went to sleep shrugging our shoulders and rolling our eyes when the weather dude said that it was going to be 3-5 inches and then woke up to a white, white world. (Incidentally, why do the weathermen south of Tennessee act like aliens have landed 30 miles east of Atlanta or something. Craziness.

Of course, we geared up in our Alabama Snow Clothes. This means that we had on pajamas under sweats, two pairs of socks, hats, and socks for gloves. (Hey now, those socks dry up quickly in the dryer.) The kids were cold and wet and tired after about 30 minutes, and in we came for hot chocolate and breakfast. Now, they are back at it, running around the house like a bunch of lunatics. (That part isn't unusual--that's a regular day around here.)