Monday, October 22, 2007


My son is going as Batman to our church Fall Festival this year. He has been so excited about this costume that I can't even tell it properly. He pets it, holds it, wears it the second he gets home from school until I force him to put on night clothes...the whole works. He's obsessed.

Unfortunately for him, so is his baby sister, Lillian. She covets that costume. She watches him intently every time he puts it on, persistently asking if she can "just twie it one time, Tar-tar".

Nothing doing. He's not giving that costume up to anyone, much less his pesky, destructive 3-yr-old sister. Not in this lifetime.

The other night after Carter fell asleep earlier than the other kids. Lily was still up and about and saw what must have appeared to her as a Sign From God--Carter sleeping beside the costume and not in or on top of the costume. She snuck that mask and cape out of his bed and rushed into my bedroom too giddy to speak, just shaking all over, still stealing glances over her shoulder, fearful that the sneaky mouse would be rudely ended with a screaming Carter chasing her.

She clutched the stolen cape tightly to her chest, giggling wildly, and hissed at me in a hot little whisper, "No, I not Lily, I BATMAN!"

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