Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Busy is Better

It was another full weekend at Casa Johnson. I think that I have a sickness known as "Full Calendar Fever". If I see a hole in my schedule I am compelled to fill it with some sort of activity. Nothing-to-do translates into Thunderdome at my house. You tell everyone to hang out and color and read books and think that you're going to have a quiet, relaxing time enjoying one another, and the next thing you know someone is wearing an old bathrobe as a cape, swinging from the ceiling fan screaming, "I CAN FLY!" While the others stand underneath shouting, "I'm next, I'm next!" So, busy is better.

Now, this is a true photo of my Shorties. There's tall Elaina completely clueless with her eyes closed. Elise fashionista (all she's missing is the tiara that we've been wearing for a week straight), Carter Big Boy, and Trouble there on the end. That's Lily's sneaky mouse pose. Like she thinks that's going to help her get out of a fix, completely unaware that just looking like that makes you suspect.

The Big Deal this weekend was Elaina sang at church on talent night for the first time. I was perched on the third row, poised to take the best possible shot, camera trained on my child, when the music minister sat down right in front of me on the front row, completely filling up the camera screen with the back of his head. A better Christian probably would have said, "Excuse me, but my baby is about to sing and I want to make photos."

Not being a terribly good human in general, I just blurted out, "Hey! Move your big head out of the way!" Nothing like setting an example, is there? He was a good sport and when he went up to introduce the next singer, he said, "You know you've sat down in front of a Mama whose child is about to sing when she yells at you to move your big head out the way." I'm such a lovely woman.

And of course, my baby girl did a wonderful job (translation: she actually hit a few notes and didn't leave the stage in tears or throw up). Pretty good for a seven-year-old.


louiseleigh said...

Charlotte, Those kids are adorable! If I hadn't seen them and those precious pictures, I might have thought their genius-writer mother just created those episodes.ButI really believe those delightfully unique things they say and do actually happen, and thank you for presenting them with such mesmerizing charm. I'm awaiting the next installment!!!!Love, louiseleigh

The Mother Bear said...

You are so sweet, Louise! Love to your family! :-) ~Charlotte