Thursday, October 18, 2007

World Travelers

We are again on the road this weekend, going with the whole family to lower Alabama for a "luau" with the Senior Saints group from church--whatever in the world a luau in Foley, Alabama constitutes--something about burying a pig in the ground (just typing that makes me feel faint).

Never having been to a pig roast, I'm not sure exactly what happens, but the title is descriptive enough I guess. World travel ain't got nothin' on me. I done been to Foley for Pig Roast. I should make a shirt.

I told The Husband when he was called to preach and into the ministry that Jesus Christ Himself was going to have to appear in the living room to get me on the mission field. God had the last laugh on that deal since I'm clearly on the mission field in a land where they eat animals cooked in dirt. I jest, it's going to be lots of fun playing on the farm with the kids as long as I can distract them from the fact that we are eating Wilber. :-) (Note to self: pick up chicken nuggets on way to farm.)

Speaking of odd things...we are new to our area, so every day is a new adventure. We recently discovered a horse auction place with a cafe that's very close to our house. We drove by and began discussing what goes on there, and Elaina asked who would want to eat a horse at a cafe, adding that she'll be having none of that, not even with barbecue sauce on it.

When I tried to explain that they sell horses, but you eat regular food, she asked, "How do you know that for sure?" Ummmm...hmmmm...well...

Then Elise piped up from the back, "Who can eat with stinking horses everywhere? They poop right in front of you. Gross."

Okay then. I think we can safely cross "Big Animal Vet" off of the prospective career choices for the Johnson Girls.

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