Monday, October 15, 2007

Five-Year-Old Logic

When we got home on Saturday evening, we were unloading the van and my son curled up into my bed dozing on and off, trying to find something to watch. Well, he grazed past something with dinosaurs and was immediately draw to it because, duh, it's dinosaurs. Jurassic Park probably shouldn't be on the viewing list of 5-yr-olds, but since he'd seen five minutes of it before we turned it off, the following conversation ensued:

Carter: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes, Carter?"

Carter: "Are dinosuars real?"

Me: "Well, they were real, but now they are extinct." (Insert long discussion of the word 'extinct' here.)

Carter: "So, God made them but he took them away?"

Me: "That sounds about right."

Carter: "Why didn't he just leave them?"

Me: "Can you imagine getting to school on time trying to dodge Tyrannosaurus Rex all over the road?"

Carter: "Oh, yeah. That would be bad."

Quiet spell.

Carter: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes, Carter?"

Carter: "If we got bitten by a dinosaur would we have to go to the doctor's office for a shot?"

Me: "Yes, yes, I'd say so."

Carter: "No, I don't think we'd have to go to the doctor's office, I think we would have to go to the hospital."

Me: "You are probably right. Most likely in an ambulance."

Carter: "Or maybe we'd just be in Heaven because we'd be dead."

(Note to self: Work on that filtering program on the TV.)

Carter: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes, Carter?"

Carter: "Well, if we go to Heaven and the dinosaurs are gone, where did God send them to? Are we going to have to run from them in Heaven too, because that's not good if you died from a dinosaur bite and then in Heaven you had to run from dinosaurs all over again..."

Not too bad for a Kindergartener.

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