Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hannah We-Can't-Afford-It Montana

Okay, here is a meaningless tirade for you...I may have touched on this with (most of) you before briefly, but here it is again.

I tried to get tickets to see Hannah Montana to take the twins as a Christmas gift. If you live under a lack-of-culture rock, she's actually Miley Cyrus (Billie Ray Cyrus' daughter) who has a show on Disney Channel that is HUGE with girls 5-13 years of age. My girls mark their calendar for the new shows and can't wait. I mean the girls are fans to the extent that when Billie Ray Cyrus had a seizure, er, I mean "danced" (stomped around like he was putting out a campfire) on the Dancing with the Stars show last season, the girls didn't miss a single episode because he's on the Hannah Montana show playing his real daughter's pretend father. (I told you they were fans as in fanatics--I know way too much about this show.)

So, I saw the ad go out that she was playing in Nashville and Atlanta, and I immediately marked my planner for the sale date, got on the presale list by joining her fan club (also known as one of the stupidest ways for a 37-yr-old woman to spend money), etc. I did everything that I could do to ensure that I got tickets to one of those shows.

All three venues relatively near our house sold out in about five minutes. So, being completely defeated (even after getting up early and sitting by the computer with my phone in one hand and credit card in the other hand), I started looking for broker tickets. This is where I almost become violently just thinking about it. To get a single ticket all by its lonesome in a nosebleed section, they start at $150.00 and go to about $300.00. To get three/four tickets together in the stinky sections, they start at $400.00 a ticket.

To get reasonably "good" tickets, three together, they start at $900.00 a ticket.

To get on the floor or on the sides up near the stage, try $2500.00 a ticket. The tickets sold originally from Ticketmaster the day they went on sale at $26.00 second level, $36.00 on the sides, and $66.00 on the floor in the first 10 rows!!!! Are you kidding me?

It's a children's concert, for goodness sake. It made me sick that I couldn't take them, but only a complete moron would pay that to see Hannah Montana. (Apologies to all of the complete morons who did pay that to see Hannah Montana.) It's a CABLE show, for crying out loud. Sheesh. And I'm not the only one freaking out about this injustice. It's all over editorials on the Internet.

Steve wanted to know who all was getting A Sister Sunshine Charlotte Letter this week. I'm pretty sure that I have that covered now. Ha-ha! I told him that it's probably a conspiracy plot by the same jerk people who put on the movie trailer for 30 Days of Night (a vampire movie complete with throats being torn out and blood splattering everywhere) during the 7:00 family hour (Go see the movie trailer and you'll know why Carter Big Boy hasn't slept in his own bed for over a week. Stupid movie people.) You can bet your bohonkus they are getting a letter too. (I'm probably on some government list by now.) Ha!

The good news is that Disney is filming the concert in 3D and will release it as a movie in February 2008 so that we can go see it for $7.50 a person instead of $2,500.00 a person. Whew. Crisis Averted. Now that’s a load off. (I should have called this blog “Are You Kidding Me?”)

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