Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Summary

So, I've been in an Internet-Free zone for three weeks.

We live so far out in the boonies that we get our Internet provided via satellite. Evidently, there's some usage quota rule and we way exceeded our limits on the shared network. So much so that they shut us down to a crawl until the little usage meter thingy dropped from 95% to 70% before they turned it back on to full speed.

The Husband was nearing meltdown mode. He (rightly) couldn't get past the fact we were paying full price for a service that we couldn't access. (Pretty good gig if you can get it.)

Go figure about the over usage, with four Shorties playing games, me blogging and Facebooking like a maniac, and The Husband sermon searching and hunting up new and interesting illustrations, not to mention email, paying bills online, banking, shopping, and on and on. We even have a laptop going at one side of the house via wireless and one desktop rolling, usually at the same time. (I'm surprised the system is still functioning at all!) But now we're back at it full force (at least for now).

Needless to say, I've got a lot of interesting anecdotes in back log (depending on how you define "interesting"). Since I'll have to play catch up, here are the highlights in Reader's Condensed form for those of you who are suffering withdrawal and sent me email about it (email that I, incidentally, couldn't access):

-Carter made all 100's on his report card (again).
-All Shorties on 'A' Honor roll.
-Bought a Wii. (That will require several posts.)
-I LOVE my new job.
-Had a few rocking speaking engagements and a road trip to Florida with the women of the House of Crisp.
-Read a couple of clunker books and a couple of interesting ones (from now on any book or movie with the words "critically acclaimed" attached to it is off of my reading/viewing list).
-Going back to Disney World. (I know, I know, but WOO HOO for us!)
-Been following that New Moon movie news like a crack addict.
-Started Scale Back Alabama.(Remembered why I hate dieting.)
-Found out that Lean Cuisine Calzones taste like old shoes with crispy marinara on them.
-Left my shoes at some one's house and had them mailed to me. (I'll let you sit on that one for awhile.)

Look for more exciting Johnson news in the near future (so long as the Internet gods smile on us).