Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thankful--Day 7--Mondays

Today, I am thankful for Mondays.

I know that might be a stretch, but have you really thought about what Monday means? Since I am a Christian, on Sundays I get the honor of going into the House of the Lord and worshiping. I am renewed and refreshed and revitalized for the week to come. Then, on Monday, I get to put into action what happened to me on Sunday. It's like Go Time!

I know that this admission makes me a bit of a freak, but I love Mondays.

My week lies before me like so much adventure on the page, but yet unrealized. It smells like optimism. (yeah, that's right; I teach English.)

See, on Monday, The Husband cranks the car to get it warm for me, and hands me a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer in it. (Monday reminds me that I'm married to a thoughtful, kind man who puts his needs above my own, and I am always cared for and cherished. Guys? It's the little things that show love more than just some words.)

The Four Shorties, Bonus Kids, eight book bags and sports bags and cheer bags and P.E. bags pile into the Family Truckster and we're off to school. (Someone once asked me how many kids I have exactly, and then said observer commented that we look like the clown car emptying into the Big Top when we pile out of the Yukon.) We pray on the drive, listen to incredibly interesting songs, make fun of each other, car dance (sometimes Chris sings, and you can't imagine what a blessing that is), and we discuss the upcoming day. It's loud and crazy and funny. I like it. (I am reminded how blessed I am to have so many 'children' in my  life.)

Then we arrive at the school where I get to teach. Like for money and stuff. (So cool.) I don't have a class until 9:00, so I get to enjoy peace and quiet for an hour. I go visit in the lunchroom and go visit in the office. I have a second cup of coffee (or a Mountain Dew depending on the season), and I pray over my classroom and do my devotional. It's the only time I'm not doing something student-oriented during the day. (I am reminded how blessed I am to have a job that I look forward to every single day.)

On Mondays, I have lesson plans laid out, and my calendar is highlighted in seven different colors, waiting to happen. It's like being on the cusp of being something brilliant. (It could happen.)

We have Zaxby's for lunch on Mondays, which means that I don't have to pack lunches, and I get to see my two dear friends, Willie and Jenny in the lunchroom again. (win-win) I get to check my in-box in the office where a zillion people need stuff from me, and I generally can help them. I don't have any tests on Mondays, so there's nothing to grade. (whoot! It's like my personal no-homework night.)

Mondays, we don't have practice for anything, so we get home earlier than most days. And Mondays we do some sort of Bible thingy at church--like Beth Moore or Dave Ramsey--so, more often than not, I don't have to cook dinner either. Sometimes there's even time to walk or nap between school and church.

I LOVE Mondays!

So, the next time you are tempted to moan about it being Monday again (sigh), count your blessings instead.

You woke up in a warm house.
You are surrounded by family (even if they are cranky)
You packed lunches or ate breakfast. (you have access to food)
You got into a car that started and rolled.
You went to a job that paid you money.
You get my drift.

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