Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Four--Thankful for the What If

I am thankful for parents who loved to read and introduced me at a very early age to reading as a lifestyle, not something done for a class requirement. There is never a time I don't have a book (or two, or three) in progress and readily available. To say that I love reading is a gross understatement. It's like saying I like chocolate. Completely inadequate.

And I love all flavors of books--I love adventures and science fiction and fantasy. I love a love story and pulp fiction and silly stories. I love good dialogue and interesting characters and strange, exotic ideas.

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But my favorite thing of all is a "What If" story. Like

What If We All Went Blind From a Virus?

Or What If Rabbits Really had Conscious Thought?

Or What If We Lived in a Genetically Engineered Society?

Stuff like that.

Because the "What If" is probably the most powerful driving force in our minds.

It's the reason we question everything and invent new things and explore unknown places. It's why we spelunk and dive and tie ourselves to rockets and shoot into space. It's why someone plugged in an amp and why someone put sugar in the chocolate and why we have indoor plumbing. To answer "What If".

I'm thankful that God made us to be curious explorers of this amazing world and inventors and artists. The mind is such a rich place. I'm thankful for books and parents and teachers who always encouraged me to ask "What If".

It's indirectly how I found Christ.

I asked "What if this isn't all there is to life..."

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