Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankfulness Day Three--The Beauticians

(After haircuts!
In case you hadn't noticed, I'm going for the less-obvious things to be thankful for in my Thirty Days of Thankfulness. I mean, everyone is probably thankful for home, family, Christ, but I want to focus on the obscure things that you might not ever think of, such as...

I am thankful for my hairdressers.

Kathy Wright at Personal Touch in downtown Montevallo has been doing my hair for 15 years. (This is as long as I've known my gynecologist, only Kathy knows me better.) Her partner in crime, er, hairdo's, is Amy Vanderslice. The two of them are like a dynamic duo of amazing hair performance.

Mrs. Kathy cutting Carter's hair
I've been long, short, dyed, natural, fried, curly, straight, and once left the shop with hair so big I almost single-handedly revived the entire 80's hair band movement. How big was it? It was so big that The Husband actually noticed I'd been to the beauty shop. Ahem.

Amy cuts the Wondertwins; Kathy cuts the Number One Son and The Little Flower. Sometimes they swap up. Like Kathy cuts The Husband's hair, but Amy does his nose and ears (which has exponentially increased her rewards in Heaven like you can't even imagine).

But the actual hair part isn't the important thing here.

Ms. Amy cutting Carter's hair
They are like seeing a therapist every six weeks. They tolerate screaming shorties. They listen to me moan and complain and are professional secret keepers. They are funny and laugh constantly, even when in pain. They are spirit lifters and encouragers and wonderful human beings. They are my friends. I can't wait to go to the beauty shop. I am revived when I leave, and we look beautiful, dahling.

Carter with his "faux-hawk"
How much influence have these women had in our lives? The Fashionista wants to be a 'salonist' when she grows up, so she's planning on a psychology degree. That's what I call brilliant right there, because the only therapists I see on a regular are Amy and Kathy, and they are doing a bang up job of it.

They donate their time to all of my side projects--like Amy came and did  Elise's hair last year when E made the Homecoming Court. For free. Because she loves my daughter. And Elise would rather sit with Mrs. Amy in church than with me. Kathy came and did hair for the play I put on last Spring. She did like ten heads of hair. For free. And they both have worked the GA Fashion Shows. For free. Because I asked for help.

Steve and Elise--hairdo for the Homecoming Court

I am thankful for my beauticians. You are making the world more beautiful one head of hair at a time. Rock on, Ladies.

At a church event--Steve, Amy, and Lilly


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