Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Eye of the Beholder

Because I got off on such a huge tear about the Christmas Village, I forgot to tell the most important part. I mistakenly thought that the first time someone called me "ma'am" was the official marker in the sand that I'd crossed the threshold into "old". No, no, friends, it's when you buy lawn art for Christmas. I think that's the universal crossover for old and redneck alike.

So, I purchased a huge sparkly gingerbread house with "The Johnson Family" on it (naturally) and then, as though that weren't enough, I added little gingerbread people with our names on them and some glitter-covered candy canes for good measure. Have no fear, I'll be getting a photo of that disaster posted as soon as the decorations come out after Thanksgiving. (I can see how excited you all are.)

Speaking of tacky decorations...this blog is becoming all about photos of Lily because she's so...interesting. (And I mean interesting like a strange bug you just squished and are trying to identify.) She's going through this major costume phase, just bringing us bits and pieces to put on. Here is our Saturday-afternoon-because-it's-3:00-p.m.-costume.

And here is our going to Sunday night services outfit. She looks like a little old lady. Ha! And we have no clue where those tinted sunglasses came from, so if they belong to your child and she lifted them, just let me know and I'll pry them off of her head. :-)

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