Sunday, November 11, 2007

Various Illnesses

I've been out of pocket for a few days with a wicked stomach flu. Lovely. I was supposed to speak at a youth event on Saturday night and had to ditch them at the last minute because I couldn't stand up straight. Ugh.

To the youth at The Springs: I promise that I'll make it up to you and Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Tracy! I'll be extra special funny at the next opportunity! But rather than infect the entire youth department, perhaps it was best that I stayed home. :-)

So, I thought I'd share this brief funny and call it a night...let's play a game: I have one free-spirited twin and one very literal twin. So who did which craft? Elise or Elaina?

Elise: "Mom, she can't even get her craft right. It looks all stupid and stuff because the leaves aren't on the ends of the branches."

Elaina: "Well, duh, it's fall and they are 'falling leaves' so mine is more right than yours is. Now who is stupid and stuff?"

On Friday, Steve and I cleaned the house together ( THAT'S why I'm so sick--housework aversion). Anyway, these are photos from Saturday morning that I took for fun since I was so proud that the girls got up and made their beds...

And this is exactly 22 minutes later when they got dressed to go out and play...

I'm pretty sure what made me so sick. Now you know why I laugh at those stupid shows like "Wife Swap" cause no one could hang over here, Baby.


Speck said...

Oh boy! I roared with laughter at the two trees. This is SO much like my sister and I. She would be Elise, I would be Elaina.

Hubby had to come see what I was laughing about and he was guffawing too. The 22 minute time lapse photos are priceless.

Hope your tummy is on the mend.

The Mother Bear said...

Those trees killed me too! Elise brought me hers first and I glanced at it and went something like, "Oh, wonderful, honey." And then 5 minutes later Elaina gave me her "falling leaves tree" and I almost fell out laughing (bad mommy), because any way you slice it, that's funny!

I am coming back into the land of the living and hope to enjoy the kids today since I missed the entire weekend (school holiday so everyone's home--that should provide rich blogging tomorrow!) ha!

Thanks for checking on me!