Thursday, November 29, 2007

League of Justice

So, here's the League of Justice having dinner. We had a couple of kids spend the night (as though there weren't enough action at the house already), and here we are in dress up partaking of the evening meal. At the table we have the terrifying Lady Bug Purple Spotted Warrior. A Power Ranger. Spider-Man. Pink Princess Ninja Fairy. And the two on the end are still in their alter-ego cover story as fashion models in street clothes.
Carter Big Boy Power Ranger pausing briefly from saving the universe to eat chicken and macaroni and cheese.
And as usual, Lily had multiple costume changes throughout the evening. Don't ask me--I have no idea what this is. Something like a mix of Spider-Man and Geordi LaForge off of Star Trek: The Next Generation (don't ask me how I know that either).

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