Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preacher's Conference, Etc.

We survived Day Two of our Big Johnson Adventure. We ate at the B-Line Diner downstairs and had really yummy brunch. I did get my Eggs Benedict (which were PERFECT), so all was well with the world. :-) Steve ate low country grits with grilled shrimp and tasso gravy (for b'fast). And I kid you not, they brought us dessert after the meal. Chocolate passion fruit mousse. Amazing. I'm thinking about forming a committee to set a resolution on the convention floor demanding dessert be served after ever meal. It should be a right.

After eating, we rode the trolley down the entire strip and saw tons of interesting things. I'm pretty sure that we are the only two people left in America without tattoos. I'm serious. Everyone we saw had ink. Oh, until we got close to the convention center, then we played the game "Spot the Baptist Pastor", which was disappointingly easy this year, since they were (mostly) the people without tattoos (senior pastors, not counting the youth pastors).
We got off of the trolley on the hottest day of the season with a heat index of 110 (and I can assure you that figure is completely accurate--see post titled "The Johnson Factor".) We enjoyed the outlet mall, although what we really enjoyed was the air conditioning in the stores. I bought a pair of earrings. Mostly, we just wandered around sweating. How bad was it? We both showered again before going to the convention.

And tonight? The preaching was inspiring and fabulous! Steve Gains, Rabi Zacharias (an apologist and one of the greatest minds of our time), and Tony Evans. Really made some strong points, and after sitting through four hours of worship and preaching, that's pretty high praise. Tomorrow morning we are splitting up--I'm headed to the pastor's wives session while Steve will stay in the main sessions for the preacher's conference. Consider this your big head's up. I come close to a Sister Sunshine moment every year, because someone inevitably says something stupid and I can't keep my tongue still. Start praying now!

Eggs Benedict Before

Eggs Benedict After

Dessert for breakfast. Bravo, Peabody. Bravo.

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