Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Universal Part One

We went to the convention until around lunchtime, then checked out and headed on. The best part of being a travel agent for my living is the TRAVEL! We booked a look-and-see (on our own dollars!) to come to Universal. I'm personally a Mouse Girl. We LOVE Disney World, and I'm a specialist in traveling to Disney (so, consider this entire post an infomercial). I adore everything about it. But we  haven't ever set foot in Universal, so I thought since Steve and I are down here alone sans shorties, we could check it out more thoroughly. (yeah, that's the ticket.)

This is the nicest hotel ever. The Peabody was spectacular. This is Double Plus Spectacular. We are staying in the Loew's Portofino, which is the Italian-themed hotel of three available on site at Universal (Hard Rock and the Polynesian Pacific Royal). The biggest perk to staying on site is the Express Ride feature. You show your room key and you're at the beginning of the line. And that is so awesome I don't know how to express it. We saw all of Universal Studios in five hours. There are two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We have seen Universal Studios, and we are going to Islands of Adventure tomorrow. :-) Super fast. You can purchase the express pass, but it's expensive if you aren't on site.

Everything is spiffy here. We rode in a water taxi from the hotel to the parks, which is number one. The transportation shut down when the lightening and thunder started, so we started walking back. We spotted some rickshaws (no, I'm not joking), and since the sweat was rolling off of both of us, we decide to pay the tip (no fee). I felt sort of bad up this one particular hill since this man was pulling like 500  lbs (close enough). I'm telling you that he's totally ready for the Iron Man completion tonight. No one does cardio like that guy. It was amazing.

Your kids need to be 10 years old before you purchase tickets to Universal. Everything we rode was on the NO list for the Shorties. No way. Too scary. I'd have Carter Johnson sleeping on top of me for the next six months. I think not. Today we did Jimmy Neutron and Terminator and Twister  and The Mummy (loved it!). Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a coaster girl. I love it! Today I met my match. The Rip Ride RockIt. How bad was it? One of the attendants who kept talking to me (Steve said he kept flirting with me, which can't be true unless he's into overweight mom-types), gave us free return passes to the ride (it's so new that you can't Express Pass it--everyone waits.) Well, he gave us express passes to ride again right away (yeah, okay, so maybe he was flirting a little). It was so terrifying that we gave the passes away, because I'm not getting back on that thing again. Never. Not in this lifetime. No way. Help yourself.

(because we always take this photo if there is a phone in the bathroom. Call it a Johnson Artistic Expression.) I'm sure there is more to come!

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