Saturday, June 12, 2010

So. Baptist Convention 2010 Day One

Today we arrived in Orlando for the So. Baptist Convention. They are expecting a record turn out this year, since we are so close to Mickey Mouse and considering all of the changes the convention is voting about. Steve and are I THRILLED that the church allows us to come to this very important event. It's a huge privilege and responsibility. We are huge believers in voting--so many people in this nation have sacrificed their lives, time, and bodies because of this very right to express ourselves freely, so we are here to VOTE!

The Husband and I travel fairly well together. We split the driving and stop a lot to look around. Our most serious discussions involve what kind of music we are going to listen to, so I get to choose when I'm driving, and he gets to choose when he's driving. He will always pick some of the craziest mess you have ever heard. (He'd say the same thing about  my choices.) How crazy? Local call in AM stations--like the kind of show hosted by Mrs. Betsy Mae Vale's Country Call In Prayer Hour where folks call in and sing through the phone and onto the radio. Old country stations playing stuff he's never even heard of before (and that's saying something since he knows all of the old crying-in-your-beer songs ever recorded.) Or bluegrass. Enough said.

Here's an example of what we find amusing on the road--this is a fast food mall on the side of the freeway. Have no idea why exactly, but this cracked us both up. We both took photos of it like a couple of good 'uns.

We also enjoy convention, because it is a time of rest and relaxation away from home and the kids. Going to see people preach instead of being the preacher is very enjoyable for The Husband, and I get something out of it too. We also do a little shopping and sleeping and eating (our favorite). It's just the best of all worlds. (The kids might not agree so much having been left at home, when they discover that I can actually look out of this hotel room and see the Disney World fireworks show.)
The other major perk in this sort of trip is the hotels available around the convention centers. this year we are staying in the Peabody Orlando. This hotel is the home of the famous ducks that march through the lobby  morning and evening. We ate in the hotel restaurant tonight. Seriously good. Steve and I are amateur foodies, so we make commentary that sounds exactly like what it is--we've been watching too much of the Food Network. Still, it's fun to decide how Gordon Ramsey would feel if he'd been served that particular bowl of lobster bisque.

Tomorrow we are going to check out local church services, swim, and have a nap before hitting the pastor's conference all tomorrow night--those fellows will start preaching at 5:00 and will tie it up around 11:00. That's some serious preaching time. I'm very excited! And with that, it's good night!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you two have a great time..If you see Bro. Tony tell him The White House says hello..Be safe and enjoy..Love, Melinda