Thursday, June 23, 2011

You, Sir, Are a Moron.

So, I almost gave myself a stroke tonight on Facebook.

See, when someone of a different political persuasion than you posts something--an article or opinion piece or whatever--and then you post an opinion that runs contrary of the friends of said person, it can get ugly. On both sides.

I don't know why I get into these things. I always tell myself, just keep on scrolling, don't stop and read, just let it go. I'm just innocently scrolling though and read something on a post that is just so stupid that I can't help  myself and jump right in with both feet. I get that it's all my fault.

Tonight I was called out for not being compassionate to this MORON (my word choice) who robbed a bank so that he could go to jail and get free healthcare. Are you kidding me? He is the very definition of a moron. He's the reason that the word is still in usage in the English language. Not only does he have the T-Shirt, but he ought to have to carry a sign around warning other people that he's in their general vicinity.

Okay, some of you need to buckle in. I really hate to break this to all of you, especially my liberal friends because it's such a shock to them, but WE ALREADY HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE IN THIS NATION.

I feel better getting that out there. There, I said it. And it's the truth.

1) You can walk into any emergency room in the United States of America and get medical care--emergency or not.

2) You can walk into the health department in your county of residence and have your daily  medical needs met by professionals, including shots, prescriptions, and mental heath needs for you and your children.

3) You can receive indigent care in any Baptist hospital in the state of Alabama--you just meet the criteria, fill out the paperwork--they even assign you a social worker to make sure that you fill the paperwork out correctly, and they file it for you.

All you need to do is walk into the hospital. They will connect you with the next step. So, no one, NO ONE needs to rob a dadgum bank for healthcare. And if you do, I'll call you a moron right to your face, because if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck...

This is what got me accused of "hating" this man. (I don't even know him, how can I possibly hate him?)   But here's the deal...the basic gist of the arguments against me (and they were plentiful) is that we owe this man healthcare and we should be compassionate and moved by his plight. (What about that bank teller who had to be hospitalized due to the trauma of being robbed? Where's the compassion for her? Who's picking up her co-pay and Prozac prescription? HUH?) 

At what point did healthcare become a right?  

Now, let me say that as Christians we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. That right there is the clincher and the best argument against me (that no one online actually used). As a follower of Christ I DO owe this man help. I owe him access to help. AND HE HAS IT!!!!!!!!

In case you missed the first part of this post, THAT MAN HAS ACCESS TO FREE HEALTHCARE!

So, how is that not being compassionate? How is that not loving my neighbor? How is that hating him? He has access to health care, and I have provided that access through my tax dollars and the inflated price I pay for my own health insurance. Hello? I can't figure out how in the universe that makes me lack compassion and hate him.

Oh, yeah...I'm not dealing with rational human beings, I'm dealing with emotional human beings. This is the basic problem with Facebook postings just as a general rule. You put something down on paper that you believe to be truth and everyone is supposed to nod and smile and agree and hug a tree and sing Kumbaya, pass the granola, but you all need to be forewarned...if you post something/anything, I just might put Sister Sunshine Charlotte right up in the middle of your deal with both feet. And sorry, Sugar, but you actually INVITED her to the party when you hit "enter".

And you might get your own T-Shirt...

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