Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Generation of Daddy Bears

Because sometimes a photo tells it better than you can say it.
Whole crew at a church event

Daddy and Naynuh

Putt Putt golf in Gatlinburg on vacation

Germantown in Tennessee on a trip

Christmas Fantasy Land, Lilly and Daddy

Getting a lift at the park

Playing monster with the Shorties

Fourth of July Fireworks

Elise, Daddy, Lilly

Taking Naynuh to the Trick or Treat
Watching Elise play at the rest stop while on the way to Mississippi to see relatives

The very first "finger game" with Carter
Like son

Whole crew at the beach

he's under there somewhere...

Daddy and Lilly

Daddy and Lilly (still in the hosptial)

Daddy and Carter

Daddy and the Wonder Twins (Elise/Elaina)
Happy Father's Day 2011!

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