Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disney: The Johnson Experience

We took the crew to Disney again this year. We go every two years. There was this guy named Brady I worked with who took his family like that, and I distinctly remember making fun of him. What are you doing? Don't you know that there are other places to go? I take all of that back. It's our favorite. I figure we've got two or three times before the kids "outgrow" it, and I'm going to take them back as many times as they'll go. It's our favorite. So, now you've seen and heard all of our traditional photos and stories, I'd like to share some of my favorite moments from this trip.

This year we went with the Littletons and Brookers--together they still don't have as many Johnsons as are in our crew. This is our first official Disney photo upon arrival.

One of my favorite things to do is to take the "posed" photo and then keep on snapping afterwards. You'll see that it works--you get the most interesting photographs when the kids think that the moment is finished. This is on the bus on the way to Epcot--our first stop. The Wonder Twins did a nice pose, then Elaina shoved part of a Poptart into her mouth and saw me about to take a photo. She's trying to tell me "no" while her sister laughs at her. Priceless.

Most excellent photo ever--this is the swankiest hotel at Disney by far. We went there for a princess character meal. Right before us, this magazine gorgeous blonde family wearing khakis and white shirts went before us. Everyone was tan, matching, magnificent. Like model perfect. Right behind them, we stood in the same spot. When I went to take the photo everyone struck a pose and Elise said, "Because we're Johnsons!" Awesome.

The kids tell us that The Husband and I never take silly photos. Look at Elaina's hands behind my  head--this was the theme of all our photographs this year--the Photo Bomb. In almost every shot of Johnsons, you've got other Johnsons in the background being, well, Johnsons. 
Another brilliant Photo bomb by the Number One Son

Maybe the only serious family photo we took on the entire trip.

Loved, loved this photo of Elise holding Lillian's hand into the 4D show It's a Bug's Life. The Little Flower was scared, so her big sister helped her into the deal. 

This trip happened to fall during Noah Brooker's b'day. Lillian's was earlier in the month, but if you think that was going to keep her from getting a free cupcake, you've got some serious catching up to do on what it means to be a Johnson.

Does this really need a caption?

Lilly was obsessed with "Mickey's Power Show" this trip. We had to buy the doll, take photos everytime he had the hat, etc.

Our ancestors would be so proud.
Love it!

What is remarkable about this photo isn't the girls, look at their clothing and accessories. Who says you can't tell twins apart? lol
Perfect Photo bomb. People in the front have no clue.
 All in all, one of our best trips yet. We ate, we rode, we traded pins, we fought, we saw, we laughed, we were rained on, we threw up...We are Johnsons!

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