Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Vacation that Refused to End

Disney Day Four--Magic Kingdom Revisited

On our second day at the Magic Kingdom, we rode all of these cool, exciting rides. Now, this day was still very crowded, but we were able to do and see much more it seemed. We had two character meals. The first was at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends.
It was a HUGE hit (as were all of the character signings with kids our ages). Lily wasn’t too sure at first, but she hugged Pooh until we had to command her to let him go. I’m talking nose kisses and the works.

We’d fought through enough crowds and had really mastered the Fast Pass system by this point in the trip, allowing us to ride much more in a more organized fashion. Still, the quantity of people cannot be over stated. It was a zoo.

We left the park for a few hours in the evening to go back to Epcot. There were several things we wanted to see over there, but the major attractions were so full, we just enjoyed what we could get into. We almost had one minor crisis when the Ellen DeGeneress Energy ride thing took off, first because Steve became overwhelmed with the urge to preach when they did the Cro-Magnon-Big-Bang-Darwin speech. And second, when the dinosaurs appeared again. Carter wasn’t playing this time; he got in the floorboard of the ride and covered his whole body up under his daddy’s legs.

We were able to ride the monorail and then took the ferry into the Magic Kingdom at nighttime, which was amazing. The castle was breathtaking. We got back in time to eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern with Goofy, Minnie, and several other characters. Lily passed out and slept on a bench in the restaurant. Enough is enough already. I wasn't kidding when I told y'all that Lily didn't take a serious photo the entire trip.

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