Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disney Day Five--MGM

MGM. The Grand Finale

This was by far the kids’ favorite park. No question. They LOVED MGM.
We had lunch reservations at the Sci-fi Drive-in Diner, which was also the kids’ favorite place that we ate (the adults would probably choose the Rainforest CafĂ©). But the atmosphere in this place is unreal.

Carter said that the highlight of his trip happened at this park—he met the Power Rangers.

Daddy dug it too.

We also got Carter to look at another dinosaur--I pointed out that the was wearing one on his shirt that day and this is the face I got in response.

The other funny was when we turned the kids out in the playground that's built like the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" set--they play the sound of bees swarming in. When Lily heard it she ran shrieking through the playground towards me screaming, "NO BEES! NO BEES!" This photo was taken like one second before that freak out.

Elaina also had the highlight of her trip at this park—she saw the live show of High School Musical and was called on stage” (concrete flat area) to dance (This of course after Mommy ‘politely ensured’ front row seats at this general admission program—seems that all of those rock concerts I attended in the 80’s weren’t in vain after all. I turned to the three oldest kids right before they dropped the rope and hissed, “Don’t let go of me no matter what!” 30 seconds later it’s nothing but front row, Baby. Adding points to the Perfect Mommy Score yet again.).

And at this park we got to use my best e-bay purchase to date. I bought three adult size ponchos with Mickey on the front for $.99 total (plus $2.99 shipping). We whipped those out at 5:00 in the p.m. and were mostly dry by the time the Fantasmic show started at 6:30. I had packed the kids jackets with hats all save one. Elaina was the unlucky soul wearing a jacket with no hat who turned to me and asked the stupid question: “Well, where’s my hat, Mom?” Being a Super Mom undeterred by forgetting such a small thing, I simply rolled up a bag and shoved it on her head. That wasn’t quite what she had in mind (Oh, no way. I am totally not wearing a BAG on my head, Mommy. What if someone sees me?), but she kept it on when the rain picked up. And of course you know that I had to preserve this moment of humiliation in photograph.

One of my favorite moments on the trip happened during the Fantasmic show. The program is the larger than life depiction of Mickey Mouse battling all of the villains in the Disney programs in a dream sequence.

When adults view this show they think things like, “wow, that’s a really huge dragon—why it must be five stories tall.” And “I can’t believe they actually set that entire lake on fire.” My five-yr-old son brought it home to roost though when he jumped out of his seat, the villains on screen still appearing victorious with Mickey nowhere in sight and Carter screamed at the top of his lungs, “MOMMY! Is Mickey going to WIN????!!! Does he Win, Mommy?” All of the adults around us laughed because he was so…so truthful in his concern. When Mickey finally appeared at the end, unscathed, Carter Big Boy Johnson leaped from his seat and beat his hands together in a fury of gratitude and jubilation. I mean a true thankfulness just beaming on his face.

We got back to the hotel and ate in the All Star Sports Cafeteria. Not bad at all. Of course, Lily was her normal self…we are Johnsons, you know.

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