Tuesday, January 22, 2008

B'ball at the Springs

I know that I’m behind on the updates here, and I’m working on the rest of Disney now (wow, I took a lot of photos to sort through!). But here’s some in between stuff. Elaina and Carter are playing in our church Upward basketball league. It’s too much fun and the kids are having a ball too. ;-)
Because the league is small, some of the coaches do double duty and are referees too. The Husband is enjoying his service as a zebra.
Carter's team The Mudd Dogs. (He's number 8.) The man running the show there, Kip, is the funniest announcer ever. He'll get on the sound system and say something like, "And now, all the way from Spot-in-the-Road, Alabama, standing 4 feet 6 inches tall, it's Carter Johnson!" and they have this contemporary Christian music blaring in the background and everyone cheers--it's a hoot!

And Elaina's team the Lady Bulls (I have no idea except that they couldn't call them the Heifers and get away with it.)

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