Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disney Day Three--Magic Kingdom

Day three. Everyone's feet were falling off. And we were tired of being cold at this point too.
Crazy busy day. We got up a little late and went to the Magic Kingdom. I saved this park until later in the week thinking that A) the crowds would thin out with kids starting back to school, and B) that it would save the Best For Last so that Epcot wouldn’t be a bore. Well, seems that everyone else in the universe had this same plan, because it was so busy you couldn’t move. We only saw one or two things in three hours because it was so crazy. And still cold. Polar bear weather.

How cold was it? Well, I'd bought an extra pair of gloves before we went on the trip, since I have four kids and the odds of someone losing a glove in six days were pretty high. Who didn't have gloves? The Husband. By day three he was happier than happy to wear those baby blue Cinderella gloves all over the park. And it was one heck of a conversation starter.
We had a good meal at Tony’s Town Square Plaza and saw the afternoon parade with all of the princesses. Our only big regret was no Princess Contact at all. A big highlight though was meeting the evil stepmother and stepsisters from Cinderella. The girls loved that. They asked Carter if he was still available since they were still hunting up princes to marry. That made my son blush.

We also rode a couple of wonderful coasters and toured Minnie Mouse’s house.
Still fashionistas in the cold.
Everyone was exhausted and the adults were a little frustrated by the end of the day because of the crowds. It was overwhelming.

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