Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yes, I Think That Beaver IS Smiling at You

Friday night we went with our church Sunday School class for dinner at a place called the Sawmill. It's an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet place in rural central Alabama (as in, we drove for 30 minutes through the middle of nowhere and stopped to eat in a restaurant in a field) that was very interesting indeed. How interesting, you ask?

Allow me to share a photo of the Greeter next to the door of the Ladies' Restroom . :-)
What is it about me, church, and dead animals on display? Hmmm...Now, the food was wonderful. I enjoyed shrimp cooked every conceivable way possible. And the hush puppies and gumbo were fabulous. We ate and laughed and ate and cut up and ate and visited and had an all around great time.

I also took photographs of everyone at the party, but the flash was behaving strangely in the light, so everyone had to wait too long for the actual shutter to move, hence I have a magnificent collection of the worst photos ever. Since the flash went off early, but the shutter went off late, the first photo of Sister So-in-So, she's got her eyes closed because she thought the photo was finished (which was totally logical). The second photo, same woman looks like she's just seen a naked man streak through the restaurant because her eyes are glued open so wide as to avoid the closed eye thing. And this repeated itself all the way around the room. I have an amazing collection of Eyes Closed/Eyes Wide photos that could be some strange art exhibit.

And although I won't post those photos here (because any old goofus can stumble upon this site), I will be putting those up on the church website this morning so that we can laugh amongst ourselves. (Someone is now desperately dialing up numbers on the phone list trying to figure out who let me be in charge of that deal--should the woman who is the worst photographer alive really be responsible for posting all of the photos of the people at the church? Not terribly well thought out.) ;-)

Guess it was pretty good...

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