Thursday, December 27, 2007

Going to the Big D

Well, Christmas has come and gone and was a rousing successes. One of the best we've ever had I think. Everyone has been asking what the Big Surprise was that I couldn't talk about before, and now I can answer in full confidence since the Shorties have been told, we are going to DISNEY WORLD on Tuesday! YEA! I'm more excited than anyone going I think. And I can't believe we kept it a secret for a month. Whew.

Christmas Eve I had these boxes and several smaller packages ready to go for the kids. In the big boxes were sweat shirts and hoodies with their names embroidered on the hoods, all in favorite characters. In the small bags were autograph books and lanyards, fanny packs, cameras, and tons of gear for the trip. I had the kids put everything on as they opened the boxes and bags and told them that we had to solve the mystery of where we could use those things.

After everyone had on sweatshirts, lanyards, fanny packs, and autograph books, Elaina finally guessed it and whispered, "Disney World?" I nodded and whispered back, "on Tuesday". She paused for a second, understanding flashing in her brown eyes, almost on the verge of tears (as in I've-just-been-crowned-Miss-America tears), then the silence was broken by Elise Nicole Johnson who said, and I quote,

"I am sooooo not wearing a fanny pack to Disney World."

(And you people thought I was joking when I called her the Fashionista.) Since Santa was so close to coming, the kids dismissed the Disney talk until last night. We got out the scrapbook from when Mommy and Daddy went in 2001 and talked about rides and what we'll see and where we're staying and all of that. Elaina is the most excited of all. She grasps the enormity of the deal, I think.

Elise asked if she could have her own map to check off the rides and shows as we completed them during the trip. (This is the same child who made a guest list for Christmas Eve and checked everyone off as they came through the door--I kid you not.) When I told her that the fanny pack would come in handy to carry her maps, she grimaced and said, "Can't I carry a purse instead? Fanny packs are for moms and memaws." (Can't argue with that sort of logic.)

So, I bought some of that car writing soap stuff for the windows. Steve's decided to put "Wally World--Here We Come" on the back window. With all of the luggage strapped to the roof and seven people crammed into the Loser Cruiser for a ten-hour drive, the Griswolds have nothing on us.

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