Monday, June 5, 2017

Unfiltered Challenge

7 Days Unfiltered Challenge

Our youth group at Union Springs has been doing a study about being in a selfie-centered world--basically it's about Christ followers being inwardly focused instead of outward-facing.
How much of our lives have been retooled and reshaped to present to the world a false or modified version of the truth? How much are we shaping our image rather than being real? The challenge is to post seven truthful images that reveal the real you to the world rather than the created version most people are putting out there. The idea is simple—be authentic all of the time in a world that is trying to get likes instead of trying to please God.

Live unfiltered. Use the hashtag. Post one photo that shares the real, unfiltered you. No fear! It takes an incredibly brave person to share your true self!
Me and my friend, Allison

Day 1: post a picture that is odd or from a strange angle that isn't traditionally "beautiful" but illustrates your personality. (This couldn't sum it up any more accurately.) 

Day 2: Post a picture that is from your real living space. It can be just a portion or a section of your room/vehicle/book bag—something that isn’t necessarily flattering about how you actually live. (Don’t gross us out—just show something that is the REAL you.) 

Wonder Twins--both posted a photo of their desks. Ahem 
Day 3: Appreciate the ordinary. Post a picture of an ordinary object in your life that isn’t necessarily beautiful or valuable but is important to you. You can choose to explain in the caption what the object is and why it’s important or not. 

Day 4: Post a picture of a person who has made a difference in your life. Don’t choose a posed shot. Try to find or take a real-life circumstance photo. You can choose to explain why the person in the photo is important or not. (My husband is the king of the photo bomb.) 

Day 5: Post a photo of what you actually ate today. One meal or snack. Not filtered—show the whole counter or the whole area where you are eating—not just the attractive parts. The whole thing.

Play practice

Day 6: Post a photo of an activity that is important to you. If it’s a sport, you might not be in the most flattering position or flattering lighting. It’s more important that the photo expresses how you feel about the activity. 
#usbcyouth #unfilteredusbc #alwaysauthentic  

My son is wearing the mop on his head. 

Day 7: Post a photo that makes you happy. It can be recent or old. Just something joyful to your soul that maybe isn't obvoious. #usbcyouth #unfilteredusbc #alwaysauthentic

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