Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm on a Roll Again

A handful of random rants...

"If you don't help with a particular endeavor in any meaningful way, your opinion about it means less than nothing. If, however, you are fully invested in the cause and have given of your time, talents, funds, hard work, and sacrificed personally, please, by all means, share your thoughts. I will listen. 

But remember that listening politely isn't an indicator that I will agree with you or change for you. It simply means that I have good manners." 
~ Mrs. C Said So

"Remember that the spiritual establishment chewed on Christ's behavior every single day He walked the earth. They didn't like Him, because He met with the people on the edge of the pit and engaged in fellowship with them. 

Where do you stand in your congregation? Are you in the middle of the holy huddle judging the actions of the brethren or on the edge of the world loving the people who live there? 

I can promise you this...I would rather be able to identify with sinners without judgment and in love than to live a single day as a spiritually pompous jack wagon.  Jesus Christ said, 'Same'." ~ Mrs. C Said So

"If you have to tell people about your spiritual deeds or point out your holiness, you're completely missing the boat. 

(And side note--no one really likes those people, and their influence becomes negligible as a result. No one tolerates a spiritually pompous person for long. It's too lofty for actual humans to live up to that standard of judgment on a daily.) 

~Mrs. C Said So (With a side note from Sister Sunshine Charlotte)

"My best advice is to shut your mouth about other people's stuff, because the length of rope you judge them with will probably be your noose. God is funny like that." ~ Mrs. C Said So

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