Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good Day/Bad Day: You Choose

So, today was a good day/bad day.

Last cheer competition of the season (good day/bad day).

I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday (bad day). But the alarm went off and we were on time (good day).

My child's stunt group performed beautifully (good day) and still lost to a team who had half of the difficulty level (bad day). 

The large cheer group performed the hardest stunts with the greatest degree of difficulty and still lost (bad day).
rocking it like Patriots!

(Sour grapes? Nah. Sometimes that's just how it goes and you have to get over it and go on. The best man does NOT always win. Get over yourself.)

We were the only team cheering in skirts, and let me say, you all looked wonderful, daahhhhling. Just wonderful (It's always a good day when you are dressed to kill). 

One of our stunt groups blew their big stunt but didn't kill or break the girl (bad day/good day). They nailed it in Jacksonville, but today was not their day. It goes like that some times. Get back on the horse.

We ate at I-Hop and had Steel City Pops (good day). (That satsuma cream pop was divine!)

one of these things is not like the others...

I napped for two hours after getting home without being woken up one time by an emergency or need or question (excellent day).

The Husband brought home Chinese food, so I didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards (great day).

I watched my show on Netflix for two hours without a single interruption (miraculous day).
This statue was on rollers. We found out the hard way.

My kids are all scattered and happy and healthy (good day).

Naynuh is watching Monsters Inc. with The Little Flower (and they are giggling maniacally). The Number One Son is camping with his boys (which is his Happy Place).  Big E slept with me all afternoon and is cleaning her room (which she finds blissful). Sister is with T-Ray (the boyfriend) and his family at the races (I hope she was able to stay awake!). The Husband is snoring in the bedroom with the sounds of Porter Wagner on in the background (his favorite relaxing activity). (all in the good day column.)

Squad in Mean Girls pose. Naturally. Because if you can't win, be fabulous.
When measuring your days, be sure to end with more in the Good Day column than in the Bad Day column. It takes effort to see the good in things sometimes. Always make the effort. It's what we are called to do in counting our blessings daily. It's purposeful and doesn't happen without thought and application. And know that sometimes it just is what it is. The good, the bad, the ugly all make up the tapestry of your life. Don't miss it.

Rolled in the Fun Bus with the Best Friends (always a good day)

Laughed, joked, finished strong (always finish strong).

Big E came for moral support for her sister. (Support those you love in their endeavors.)

Fly high. Everyone is always watching how you soar and how you fall. Do both gracefully.

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