Thursday, January 14, 2016

Full House

All summer I work at the school. (School Teacher Problems.) I like getting organized and ready for the school year. It's the most fantastic thing ever to know that you are preparing strong minds for the world.

This is part of my journal from Summer 2015.

I worked at the school several hours.  I'm going again tomorrow, but I'm taking slave labor reinforcements. So, some of those kids who are going with me to work are spending the night. It's like a huge sleepover around here all of the time. I wake up and find extra people in my house on a regular. It's quite exciting. Like a daily mystery

And I'm thankful that my house is "that house". You know the one where all of the kids congregate.

I like to say, "We are the party." And it's largely true. Since we live this very transparent life, everyone is welcome because there is nothing to hide. We are just what we are. Loud, crazy, funny, obnoxious, vibrant, insane people crammed into a small space.

Of course, that makes it sort of loud and crazy sometimes. (All the times)  The biggest miracle of God that I get to see on a daily is the "feeding of the 5,000". I thaw something out to eat and it's clearly enough for eight, but not enough for 16, then 16 people show up to eat. It's a problem. But here's the miracle; there is always enough.

I enjoy the youth and kids. They are a blessing to my life that I can't quite explain fully except that I thank God for allowing me to have a full quiver and to have so many Bonus Kids in my house. I am thankful.

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