Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Birthday Observations

A Journey of Self Discovery on my Forty-Second Day of Birth:

I just turned 42. This suddenly doesn't seem so old. But then I realized that I'm sleeping with a 46-yr-old man. (This freaked me out a little.)

I have a crush on that Phillip Phillips guy from American Idol. (What a cutie!) So does my 11-yr-old daughter. This is like the Icky Factor times five million.

I hate making posters. The only thing I hate worse than making posters is keeping the children's church. Both are eerily similar: glue, cutting and pasting, screaming, hair pulling, snot wiping, and deep sighing when it's over.

I want to own an eggplant-colored sofa. No particular reason. I want a purple sofa just because. (Perhaps it was all of that Prince in the 80's.)

When all of these short people leave the house, I'm getting a convertible. A two seater. I might let The Husband ride with me sometimes, but only my music is playing on the radio.

A man who will bring you hot wings and cake for lunch, then make you homemade ravioli and marinara sauce for supper in the same day (even after being married to you for 18 years) is what is known as A Keeper. (Stay away from my husband, or I will kill you.) (I'm not joking.)

I am too stupid to understand anything my accountant says. I am too lazy to try to understand it and just pray to God that the accountant understands it; sometimes I'm not sure. I don't care either way.

I sleep just fine even if we have dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

Someone brought me a sweet tea before school on my birthday, waiting in the parking lot and handing it over before I went in to class. Someone else left me 6-oz Cokes in the glass bottle on my desk at the end of the day. These people know that I need caffeine in copious amounts, and they spread the love from start to finish. This is friendship at its finest!

I wore a party hat during lunch. You are never too old to appreciate a paper party hat. I'm glad that I'm older. It means that I made it another year.

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