Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out

Lilly, not yet viable.
So, a couple of Australian doctors have published a theory that they are making some pretty good noise about.

Simply put, they want to take the abortion arguments and extend them after birth, because babies really aren’t viable on their own and aren’t morally relevant. They argue that parents should have the right to terminate their born or unborn children for any number of reasons including money, health, inconvenience, and simply put, “want to”.

Sounds perfectly logical to me. I never could understand why you can kill them before but not after birth. What's the difference? So yeah, if we allow abortion I think that this is a-okay too based on those arguments--babies certainly aren't viable persons until they can feed themselves and are potty trained. (Although that whole they aren't "morally relevant" might be harder to prove on paper.)

So, maybe we should vote? At what age do human beings start 'counting' as human beings? When they can walk? When they can feed themselves? After potty training? When they get a job and contribute to the household good?

Lilly, still making no relevant contribution
to our family. Just a drain.

(Huh. I can't figure out when children become morally relevant either. Do we ever become morally relevant? Is there a class I need to take to aid in determining when those things occur? And while we are at it, I can think of a few adults who aren't morally relevant and don't count as human beings and need to go too.)

Well, the twins weren't potty trained until four, and Lilly, well she clearly should have been ditched at only 25 weeks when she was born. Think of the money and hassle we could have saved! After all, it WAS a terrible inconvenience.

(Of course, think of all the car dancing and fantastic jokes I’d have missed out on, so maybe she’s not a great example.)

Now, I’d say that any normal, thinking person realizes that this is ludicrous, but no, Friends and Neighbors, because the same argument won the right to murder millions of babies because they aren’t ‘morally relevant’. It’s being called in religious circles the Abortion Holocaust. I think that is a pretty accurate description of what’s happening. We are eliminating millions of human babies simply because we don’t feel like it at the moment.
Carter "Big Drain on Resources" Johnson

Perhaps the most gruesome part of the article was the discussion that people who simply didn’t want their children anymore had a natural right to dispose of them if it was unaffordable or inconvenient to be a parent anymore. When the good doctors were asked about adopting those babies out, it was argued that the mother might be not be able to bear the psychological damage of giving her baby away.

(I’m sorry, what did you say?)

But the murder of her baby is okay?

Elaina "We Should have Chosen
One and Ditched the Other" Johnson

What is happening to us as a people? What are we devolving into?

The absolute only reason that Steve and Charlotte Johnson haven’t adopted three or four more children in addition to our own four is that it is completely cost prohibitive. It’s not that we can’t afford them once they are here, it's that we don’t have the approximately $15,000 it costs for a domestic adoption or the $30,000 for the foreign adoption. It’s not possible at this juncture without the direct involvement of God Almighty.

(What I wouldn’t have given for one of those throw away babies when we were struggling to conceive! What I wouldn’t give for one of them now, even though my quiver is full!)

So, to conclude, I think that those Australians are onto something powerful. We already pick and choose when babies live and when they die; what difference do a few years make in the grand scope of things? As long as we are good with murdering them in the womb, I say kill them all and let God sort them out. Because God is certainly going to sort us out for allowing this behavior to continue.

Elise "I Can't Dress Myself, Much Less Make a
Contribution" Johnson

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