Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Don't Need No Stinking Costumes

Halloween is a strange time at our house. We don't celebrate this 'holiday', but we still enjoy the dressing up and candy portions via a Fall Festival (aka Halloween party) at church. :-)

So, this year I thought we'd all dress up as a theme. That was met with the standard pre-teen eye roll accompanied by a heartfelt, "Muh-ther". Ahem.

The Fashionista wanted to go as Big Bird. Great! So, we could all be characters off of Seseme Street, brilliant! (I can totally see me and husband as Bert and Ernie. Ha!) Mother!

Naynuh wanted to be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Brilliant! I've always wanted to be the White Rabbit or the Cheshire Cat! Mother!

The Little Flower picked out a Toad costume, as in Mario Brothers, NOT Wind in the Willlows (sigh). Brilliant! Daddy and I can be Mario and Luigi. Mother!

The Number One Son chose this thing called a Morph Suit like his cousin Jimmy in Mississippi wore to the fair. Before I could get the 'Brilliant' formed in my mouth The Husband informed me that he wasn't putting one of those things on for a million dollars.

So, The Husband is going as himself.. E1 is going as the Mad Hatter. E2 is going as Big Bird. C is going as a Morph Man. And L is going as Toad. We are going in a group...a group of really eccentric characters. We each chose the strangest characters off of each show...think about it. The Mad Hatter? Big Bird? Toad? So, in keeping with theme, I am going as Lillian. She's the strangest kid in The Johnson Show for sure. (I crack myself up.)
Lillian aka Naked Princess

Lilly sleeping with helmet and sunglasses

She wore this Batman costume of her brothers for the better part of a year.

Playing in the dog crate.


Sleeping in a bucket on her bed

Dressed up for  maxium video game success.

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