Friday, September 23, 2011

A Real Superhero

I had to miss the high school football game because The Little Flower has a toothache. When she told me that she couldn't make Apple Day in First Grade because she "needed to go to the dentist", you can get an idea of how bad it was. (This is the chick who needs a Valium to get her teeth cleaned.) We couldn't get her in for an appointment today; evidently, the Pediatric Dentists voted unanimously at their last annual conference to close on Fridays. Sort of like beauty shops are closed on Mondays

(Side note: if your hair cutter works on Monday, don't get your hair done there--it's not a beauty shop; it's a salon and you're paying too much). All of the pediatric dentists in our area are closed on Friday, so she's medicated and waiting on Monday. Lovely. Anyway, I couldn't exactly leave The Husband with Pitiful Lilly, so I stayed home. I got to take a nap and while I was asleep, he made chili dogs. This is romance after 17 years of marriage. (And that's not sarcasm either; I'm serious.)

Oh, and he sent me flowers at school with the most interesting note.

See, I watched Thor last night with the kids. Now, I know some of my Christian brothers and sisters have a problem with fake gods, but we don't. It's MYTHology and is a fairy story, so we're all good with that. Like Tinkerbell is welcome at Casa Johnson, so is Thor. Anyway, the movie was cheesy goodness down to the very core. Good guys, bad guys, betrayal, good triumphs over evil, but what really hit a note in the film was the sweetness of it.

The love interest (and by the way, that dude who played Thor was built like a Norse god for sure) never once even made eyes at the girl. He didn't look at her butt. He never even touched her. He didn't hold her hand or kiss her or brush hair out of her eyes. He didn't make crude jokes. He didn't come on to her. He simply enjoyed her company. He talked and listened. He helped. He cooked. He served. He was ALL man. He was forceful and protective without being degrading. He was spiffy bob fine too. 

And when the big moment came in the movie for him to rush off and defeat the evil and leave the damsel in distress behind to wait, he pulled her close to him and...kissed...her...hand.

Yes, that's right, the most intimate moment in this film occurred when the handsome, hot, built, strong, powerful hero kissed her HAND. And it was the sexiest moment in any movie I've been to in forever. Because he hadn't touched her the entire movie, and she was CLOTHED the entire film (and I'm talking jeans and layers including a jacket--not a hint of cleavage or so much as an ankle flash), when he took her hand and held it to his mouth and just breathed her in, it was intimate.

What a lesson for our young people! The less you do physically while dating, the more important it is when it happens. (And I encourage families who aren't allowed to watch this sort of film to reconsider; don't narrow-mind yourself out of magnificent teaching opportunities. There is only One True God and His name sho' nuff ain't Thor.)

I was waxing poetic about this scene in the film to The Husband. (He was at a work event and missed the family night thing because he was working to provide for our family.) I told him how special it was and how romantic and chivalrous it was--this entire hand-kissing thing, I mean.

Today I received flowers in fifth period class. Pink roses and carnations and little greenery. The note was the best though. "From your Thor Wanna-be". And he wasn't referring to that dude's abs either. I am beyond thankful that my husband wants to be that guy who takes my breath away. Gentlemen--dating, married, or otherwise--women want to be wooed and won. We want to be special and cherished. We want to be celebrated and adored and prized. We want to be protected and desired and chased. So, if you want to impress your woman why not try a little hand kissing and flower sending?

Steve Johnson: You are better than Thor. :-) I love you.


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Michelle said...

Better than any "hero" out of any of those bodice rippin' "novels" I used to read...hooray for REAL men!!!

mom2superkids said...

True love. Chilli dogs...naps...he picks the kids up for you and deals with a house full of giggling girls often. That is a real man! Thanks for sharing and reminding us what love is.