Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Charge of Everything

School is off to a rousing start. The kids I teach English to are freaking out in my high school classes because there is so much work (gasp! not work! oh, the horror!). Toughen up. The poor lightweights don't have a clue what it was like to have Mrs. Swindle for English class. Now THAT was work. Humph. (I'm becoming a grumpy old lady at an astonishing rate.) I guess I'm due a little grumpy, though.

Monday: Football practice, volleyball practice, Dave Ramsey is going on at church on Monday nights. Guess who is facilitating that and managing the money and organizing the food? (I'm still confused as to how that happened exactly.) But we all need better financial control, so here we are. Yes, I can do that.

Wednesday: The new church mission classes kicked off this week. We played kick ball and freeze tag. A little light on the whole "missions focus" thing, but we had fun. And I got to sit for thirty minutes. (Praise Jesus). Sure, I will teach the 1st-6th grade girls about missions, because I love them and it's fun (when I'm not exhausted and they actually pay attention).

Samford University
Thursday: I led my first-ever school field trip to Samford for a journalism conference. Only lost a couple of kids for a few moments, so I count that entire experiences as a success. (Hey, 48 youth, four adults, three different buildings on campus, food court, four vehicles drove an hour drive each way through Birmingham at rush hour in the construction, so, misplacing some goofy girls for a few moments was sort of no big whoop.) Our school paper was praised for design and layout. I love doing the school newspaper. Now if the staff would just be as excited as I am...

Fashionista at the top
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: I am up to my eyeballs in football stuffs. Booster club, traveling with the team, rushing to and fro for T-Shirts, receivers gloves, donations, working the booth.  Ironically, none of my children actually PLAY football, just my bonus kids. Well, the Fashionista is cheering, so, we load up and go to the away games too. Why not? We're already on the road for volleyball several times a week...might as well go every night instead of just some. :-)

Saturday: Tonight is the first youth event at church. I think I'm supposed to be leading some sort of question/discussing thingy after we have movie night. Wonder what I'm going to talk about four hours from now?

CCA Football!

School newspaper. Me.
Booster club. Me.
Team mom. Me.
Senior Trip Advisor and chaperone and travel agent. Me.
English teacher. Me.
Yearbook. Oh, yeah. Me again.

So, if I seem a little distracted, it's not your imagination. I am. Go figure.  I tell you what--if I didn't have The Husband, I couldn't do a single thing. He drove kids everywhere (even some who he didn't sire), made suppers, took kids to the dentist, picked up groceries, came to events, did homework, gave baths...he's the Man.)

Pom Poms one for two or two for three! T-Shirts $15.00! Spelling test on Friday. Lunch is pizza, so do you want me to make you a sandwich? No, you can't have anyone spend the night. Articles are due on Thursday. I have no idea where you left your backpack. Do I look like I carry your backpack around? It's in the laundry, so get it out of the dryer. I don't know what's for dinner. No, we can't buy a squirrel. I have no idea what your English average is. No, I haven't graded the spelling tests you took an hour ago. Do you want to buy a yearbook ad? Play auditions aren't until January. Go back into the house and brush your teeth before we go to school. Here's your field trip money and signed form. Yes, I'll go over your spelling words after I finish making this volcano out of clay and vinegar with your brother. Don't forget to take the canned goods to the church. Yes, you can give me the mission money for the Pure Water Pure Love project. I have no idea where your cheer tennis shoes are.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

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