Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beach House in the Family = More Vacations!

We're chillin' at the beach this week. Grandbear bought a condo (although, calling this thing a condo is sort of insulting to it--the girls say this is "fancy living right here" and I'm of a mind to agree with them). We've come to Destin for the week to see the sights. True to the Johnson Factor, it's been COLD for Spring Break. Bonus--there's a gynormous hot tub thing that's literally 14 x 14 feet and hot as a firecracker outside and behind of our building that we've worn out. The outdoor pool is also heated to tepid bath water. We're hoping for 70 degrees tomorrow to swim in it for a good long time (code for wear everyone out).

The seafood has been rocking good this trip too. We've eaten at The Crab Trap, The Back Porch, Fudpuckers (which was particularly dangerous with The Little Flower who kept saying it incorrectly), and The Smiling Fish is tomorrow on the list. We've put our toes in the ocean, ridden go karts (Lilly is a maniac!), eaten ice cream, been to Bay Towne Wharf, watched sailing vessels come in and go out, bungee jumped, walked into a magic shop, swam, played on five different playgrounds, and eaten some of the finest food along the coast. Sounds pretty good to me. Now, if I could just figure out how to come down here on a girls' vacation...don't think The Husband is falling for it.

Tomorrow, Aunt Janet is cruising over from Panama City with her family to see us while we are in her neck of the woods. That'll be fun to see some family while we're down here. At the beach--see Aunt Janet; at the mountains--see Uncle Ed. Pretty good deal. Family, family everywhere. You just can't escape those Johnsons.

Well, time to go stare at the bay and feel the salty air against my skin. It's good to be me sometimes.

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