Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

Another Wii tale...

Lily has decide to populate the Wii World with Lillians. There's 'Regular Lily' who vaguely resembles the 'Actual Lily' with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Then there's 'Brown Lily' or 'What Lily Would Look Like as an African American'. And there's 'Big Lily' where she's made herself the tallest and fattest Wii player on the board. Let's not forget 'Asian Lily' wearing large sunglasses. And not to be outdone, there's 'Gay Man Lily' featuring Lily as a dude complete with lipstick and a beard, wearing a pink shirt. In fact, making Lillies is by far her favorite game on the Wii.

And her latest trick, if you peeve her off, she deletes you on the Wii.

That's my girl.

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Cotter said...

That is so Lily! Y'all better be nice to her! I wish I could see her singing in the corn -the thought makes me laugh.