Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, We All Just Wanna be Big Rockstars

So, we have the Wii Rockband hook up and the kids have been rocking out to all of these fabulous Big 80’s Hair Band Songs. It’s like a surreal rock concert in my living room that occurs every night where I watch the Shorties murder some of my favorite songs.

A microphone, drum kit, and guitar came with the kit--if you're doing the math, that's one baby short of instruments. Now, the older three obviously want those toys, so they’ve convinced the baby that singing into a plastic ear of corn is exactly the same thing as using the microphone. So, Lily has developed a traveling rock star persona that she carries anywhere the plastic corn goes.

She flings that singing arm up high in the air and rocks back and forth in a dead on Axel Rose impersonation singing Mississippi Queen at the top of her little lungs. It’s something to see alrighty. You just haven’t lived until you see the Shortie Band throw down to Should I Stay or Should I Go? By the Clash. And you start evaluating some of those lyrics coming out of your 5-yr-old's mouth too.

Mississippi know what I mean.


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