Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can I Get an Umbrella in this?

Funny conversation from the shower:

They served beer and wine at the bridal tea my mother's family hosted. Now, anyone who knows me at all knows that my husband is a pastor but that we don't call that a "hill to die on issue" meaning that I won't part company with you if you drink, but don't part company with me if I don't. That’s just how we see it.

Well, Elaina noticed the beer when she went out on the deck to get a Coke out of the cooler. She casually walked up to me, very serious, cutting her eyes to and fro and hissed in my ear out of the side of her mouth, "I think that is alcohol in that cooler." I whispered back, "Yes, it probably is." And she responded, "I thought that men at the football drink that; what it is doing at a lady party?"

I smiled to myself and told her we'd talk about it later. (How effective those advertising folks are that my seven-yr-old gets the fact that football and beer apparantly go together.)

So, after the party, we motored down the road a couple of miles and Elaina called out from the back of the van, "Is it time to talk about that issue now?"

Me (trying not to laugh out loud at her use of the word “issue” because that's just rude): "Some people drink beer, Elaina. It's not the end of the world, we just don't prefer to for some complicated reasons that I'll explain to you when you are older."

Elaina: "But that's not the problem, Mom, why were ladies drinking that beer?"

Me (confused because I’m obviously missing something here): "What do you mean? Do you think that only boys drink beer?"

, rolling eyes dramatically: "Yeah. Just boys drink it. And there were no boys except for Carter."

Now, since we don’t drink at all, I’m not sure where she’s acquired her copy of the Drinking Etiquette Rulebook, so I carry on, curiosity getting the best of me yet again.

Me: "What gave you the idea that only boys drink beer?"

Elaina (sighing deeply and becoming obviously exasperated with my ignorance): "Because girls drink ones with umbrellas, Mom."

Okay then.

Writing that down for my next vacation...girls drink ones with umbrellas. Got it.

(I crack myself up.)

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