Friday, March 11, 2016

The First Promposal at Casa de Johnson

And then this happened....

Sister asked T-Ray to her Prom (well, we call it a Junior/Senior Banquet...tom-a-toe, toe-mah-toe.)

He graduated last year and can't exactly ask her, so she had to go for it.

Anyhoo....she made signage (The Husband actually came through with a slogan). T-Ray is a motocross racer, so it fit.

She went to the Best Friend's House (Hey, Abby Jean) to make the sign and get the balloons.

She persuaded his little brother to film it (Hey, G-son). She enlisted his parental units in the scheme--had his mom set up the bike and his dad lure him home from work early.

It was quite a little production. I'm pretty sure she could run the world if she put her mind to it.

I think he liked it.
I'm proud that she thought he was worth the effort and really worked to make it memorable and special. They have been dating for several months now, so she could have just assumed he'd go with her, but she went to extra effort and it showed.

(I think that sort of business sticks with you later in life when the stakes are higher.)

He is an incredibly nice young man with a bright future. His people are fantastic. He's funny and smart and an all-around kind human being. Sure he's an idiot sometimes and flirts with being ridiculous and is a shameless kiss up, but he's the kind of boy you hope your daughters meet and date. (He's the kind of boy you hope your daughters marry one day.)

That might not happen, but then again, we've had a lot of marriages spawn out of our little school in our little town. (A LOT, a lot.)

The absolutely line in the sand at our house isn't your family, your skin color, your grades, your looks, your clothes, or your smarts. None of that really matters when you get right down to it. I've told my kids they can bring home anyone at all under the umbrella of one enormous condition--the human in question must profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and exhibit fruit. Like visible, tangible, obvious fruit of the Spirit. And T-Ray has fruit.

(He's not "A fruit" {well, don't ask for confirmation from some of his idiot friends or his brother}, but as in he is bearing Spiritual Fruit.) ;-)

But this is more about Sister than it is even about her boyfriend. She's thoughtful. And purposeful about showing her affection for people. And really makes an effort to make him feel appreciated. And has exhibited qualities and growth over the past few years that astound me. She's maturing into the kind of person you hope your boy meets and marries too. I'm proud of her and the young lady she is growing into.

The pay off? Of course he said yes.

She said, "He was cheesing so hard he could barely talk." :-) I think that means he liked it.

I'm pretty sure this is the definition of "cheesing so hard" right here.

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