Friday, March 11, 2016

Freedom of Speech Only for "Those Who Agree with Me" Isn't Freedom at All

 People who scream for tolerance are the most intolerant.  Watching the news coverage in Chicago is horrifying because of the sheer stupidity of the American people. I don't care which candidate you support.

My observation is that we have a generation of stupid, loud, obnoxious, angry, foul-mouthed young people who don't understand the concept of respect--for self or others. Every single person has the right to free speech. The protesters are so stupid they don't understand they just completely infringed on The Donald's rights as an American and on everyone who went to hear the man. (Let the man hang himself with his words or not. The truth will usually out on its own.)

Your free speech is not more important than mine.

If you try to silence the opposition, you are in favor of a straight up dictatorship.

Every person interviewed in opposition to the political rally appeared to be completely unable to articulate a single relevant or meaningful concept.  Most couldn't even tell why they were there or what they were protesting. They just gave Donald Trump a four-hour long infomercial on every major news network. For free. And they simultaneously showed the nation that people who protest Trump are borderline simpletons.

And think they won something.

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