Monday, June 22, 2015

First Born; THIRD Permit

Naynuh, Lumpy, Friend

Driving Part Two: Naynuh gets her permit. 

This outing looked more like normal Johnson business than Big E's solo permit outing.

We took an entire posse (this means it looked like the clown car was unloading in the three ring circus center stage when we all piled out) to the DMV in Selma and partook in the right of passage otherwise known as: Getting the Driver's Permit. 
No. 1 Son, Friend, Naynuh, Lumpy, Sister, Goot

I went with Lump's mom, Lumpy, his little sister (Goot--again, I didn't make that one up either--that's her actual nickname proving that truth is always more interesting that fiction), Naynuh, Sister, The Number One Son, and another friend from church who was ready for her permit but didn't have transport.

Naynuh did great and had that thing in hand in moments. So did the other two monkeys. It was easy peasy.

Waiting to be called back. We take up an entire hallway.
The entertainment is always in the comings and goings in Johnsonville. We had to wait just a few minutes to get in and did our little song and dance in the lobby. It was quite irritating entertaining for the other folks waiting.

Hanging in the lobby (Lump, Sister, No. 1 Son)
Got those papers
No, they aren't a couple, just enjoy harassing each other.
Notice said frog is pumping gas. It's in a gas station. Ahem
After the big test, we ate at a local place called The Barking Frog Cafe in Maplesville, Alabama. It's in a gas station. (Hey, don't knock it till you try it.) Their steaks and shrimp are kicking. The fried chicken was pretty righteous too. And if you happen to stop in, get the ribbon fries. (Just trust me on this one.)

But a restaurant in a gas station called The Barking Frog Cafe isn't even close to the weirdest thing happening in Maplesville. It's one of the more interesting places in the universe.

Their high school team is the Red Devils, and they once posted my favorite high school football sign of all time.

Satan is our homeboy.

Stephen King ain't got nothing on real life. Seriously--Devils vs. Holy Spirit. What the? I'm sorry, but I'm not rooting for the Devils over the Holy Spirit even if my own son was running the ball for Satan's team.

And who had the brilliant idea to put Satan as the mascot on the sign? It's on the "Welcome to Maplesville" sign as you drive into town. No joke--a cartoon Satan is on the sign.


So, in summary...
We went.
We laughed (too loudly).
We passed the test (handily). 
We ate good food (blissfully).
We drove (successfully).
We swam late afternoon (heavenly).
We are all spending the night (overwhelmingly).

In other words?

Typical Johnsonville Monday.

Eating lunch in the Frog.

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