Friday, June 21, 2013


Friend one, Nay-nuh, Big E, The Bonus Kid, Friend two
So, The Little Flower turned 9 and the Wonder Twins turned 13. Whoa. The Bonus Child has come to stay with us for a little longer than normal making it three teens and two elementary-aged shorties. Next year it'll be three teens, one middle schooler, and one elementary student.

Where do the time go?

I took the girls and their bestest friends to the beach for four days/three nights. We ran like crazy; beach, pool, movies, shopping, eating, caking. It was all good.

The downside to this little excursion is that my dad went. Not that my dad actually WENT, but I'm 43 and still receive a lecture ever seven minutes flat. That's all the man can endure before advising me on something. Hello? I'm old now. I'm good. I've sort of got this right now, so hold your thoughts.

Proofs that Perhaps I Am Not the Worst Mother of All Time:

  • All of my babies were successful this school year. 
  • All of my babies are in the recommended weight and height range.
  • They are all up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • No cavities.
  • We all play sports and are active.
  • We all do something creative: art, voice, piano, guitar. 
  • We all do chores.
  • We all have responsibilities.
  • We have best friends. 
  • We are active in church and in church work. (Not all saved yet, we're still praying for TLF, but the year is young and VBS is right around the corner.) 

Pretty much, we're all well-rounded kiddos. We are all older. Including me, Daddy. Including me.

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