Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wisdom/Insanity: Same/Same

I take these spells where I blog and then go months without blogging.

Simply put, I get bored.

Or undone.

Or too busy.

Or have nothing positive to say (which is mostly truth).

Or I have too much to say when I ought to keep my mouth shut.

It's a fine line between what you want to say and what you ought to say. (Everyone on Facebook ought to have a class before being able to post.)

So, I usually opt to say nothing at all, (which is what They tell me a wise person should do).

I've almost severed my tongue with the effort on numerous occasions.

Thus, no blog.

And, now that I can feel the soft tissue of my mouth again, I'll probably crank up, which may or may not be wisdom. ;-)


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