Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Importantly

I am so sick of people being ugly on Facebook about sports.

I am an Alabama graduate. I bleed crimson and white. I couldn't love Alabama any more. And being a graduate, I'm actually qualified to cheer for the team. (Ahem.)

With all of that said, I don't give one good hoot about Cam Newton one way or another. He's an excellent player who possibly made some bad life choices (or was saddled with parents who possibly made some bad life choices). He's not paying my light bill. What do I care? I'm certainly not going to raise my blood pressure over him. Anyone who is constantly posting crazy Cam Newton/Alabama/Auburn updates on Facebook needs to find something that actually MATTERS to discuss. Give it a rest.

In that vein, here are some More Important Things to Freak Out About Online (not a comprehensive list by any stretch):

1.) The price of gas. Are you kidding me? Write something about that.

2.) Why do so many people have free time to play games and take online surveys answering questions on Facebook that nobody gives a fig about? I'm not "unlocking" the answers to questions that you've posted about me online. Who cares what you said about me? Call me on the phone if it's that important. Or don't. Whatever.

3.) An actual news headline "Taliban May Allow Women to Receive an Education" Why? They won't get to use it. Sounds like an astounding waste of resources.

4.) Or how about this one? "68 Teens Pregnant at One Memphis High School". I don't think I knew 68 non-virgins in my whole high school. Why aren't we rioting in the streets about this?

5.) They are trying to change the Zodiac signs. That means that everything you thought "fit you perfectly" in your sign was crap. Anyone mildly perturbed?

6.) The President of the United States declared that France was our greatest ally. I'm sure he really meant behind Great Britain. Anyone else peeved about our strongest ally and friend being dissed like this?

7.) How about this gem? It's a comprehensive list of tax hikes associated with Obamacare. Anyone a little worried? Anyone?

8.) Why do they only give me one napkin with my food at the drive thru? It's not possible to eat anything from the drive thru and only use one napkin.

9.) I have to wait until November for another Twilight movie. Now THAT is a reason to freak out. And what is Stephenie Meyer waiting for anyway? Write another book already!!!!

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