Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sk8er Boi

Carter  (said like Vinnie Barbarino's Mr. Kotter, if you're in the know), is the coolest kid ever. We went tennis shoe shopping this spring, and the boy came around the corner in the lime green Chuck Taylor's. You know, sk8er boi shoes. Rocking the Converse. The lime green was a little shocking, so I asked him if he was sure he didn't want red or blue or something else. No, no, Mom, the green ones are awesome. Okay, if you're that confident and sure in your identity, lime green Converse it is.

All of the high school kids know who my son is--I just say, "You know, the kid with the lime green tennis shoes." The response is unanimous--"That's your son?!" (whispered in a hushed awe.) You have to be some more cool to pull off lime green shoes, Friends. That or delusional. Probably depends on the day. Were that all of my babies had this much self esteem and all around fabulousness. I wish the same for all of your Shorties!

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